Rainbow Money Bank

Rainbow Money Bank

Do you love painting pottery but don't like the time limit when in a studio? Do you know someone that is limiting their social contact and likes to get crafty? All our products are beautifully packaged and would make the perfect gift. 


Jasmine Pottery Studios are proud to announce,
                     our Glaze at Home Pottery Kits!!!


Yes you read it right GLAZE at Home Kits! But how you ask?


Well we pack everything you need to paint your bisque ceramic item and include everything in your resealable box for you to package it and bring it back to us for glazing. 


All you do is paint your item, package it and drop it off at our studio. 


Once we receive it we glaze it, fire it and then its ready to collect. 


At Jasmine Pottery Studios our aim is to make pottery accessible to everyone and this Glaze at Home Kit is another step in the right direction.


Each pack contains 

- Your chosen Bisque Ceramic item
- Four  Colours (Acrylic or Glaze) 
- One paint brush
- Glazing instructions booklet with handy tips
- repackaging materials


The price that you pay at the checkout will cover all costs. 


Please choose between

-Bisque Item only - this will just include the bisque item with no paints.

- Glaze Pack - this includes 4 glazes with small black and white pots for mixing colours and fine detial.  This price insludes professional firing in our kiln. 

- Acrylic Pack - this pack includes 4 high quality specalist ceramic acrylic paints. You can also add sealer which gives it a water resistant finish. No kiln needed! 


Please choose which four colours you would like from the pictures and the list below and add them to the message section.


Please note that if no colours are chosen we will choose for you. 


Glaze Colour List:

1 - Light Blue 
2 - Bright Blue 
3 - Navy Blue
4 - Bright Purple 
5 - Light Purple
6 - Bright Pink 
7 - Light Pink
8 - Bright Red 
9 - Peach 
10 - Bright Orange 
11 - Apricot 
12 - Bright Yellow 
13 - Light Green 
14 - Bright Green 
15 - Light Kiwi 
16 - Dark Green 
17 - Light Brown 
18 - Dark Brown 
19 - Black 
20 - Grey 
21 - White


Acrylic Colour List:

1 Black
 2 White
 3 Light Blue
 4 Blue 
 5 Dark Blue 
 6 Dark Purple 
 7 Purple 
 8 Pink
 9 Light Red
10 Dark Red
11 Neon Orange
12 Pastel Orange 
13 Bright Yellow 
14 Mustard Yellow 
15 Light Teal
16 Light Green 
17 Dark Green 
18 Brilliant Green
19 Grey
20 Dark Brown 
21 Light Brown