Rainbow money bank Glaze Pack



In the pack you can choose a selection of 3 underglaze paints. (these paints can also be mixed at home so you can make other colours) 


1 Ceramic Rainbow Moneybox

1 Paintbrush

3 Underglaze paints

1 small pot of colour

1 Glaze kiln firing


The pack will also include instructions.


HOW IT WORKS (postal or collections)


Postal information


We will send your item in the post. You then can paint your ceramic item using the paints provided and send it back to us in the post. We will then add a clear glaze fire it in the kiln and post the finished product back to you!


Please note you will need to pay for the additional postage to send it back to us to be glazed. This should cost an additional £3 and can be done at your local post office. 


Once glazed your items will be waterproof and can be used for decorative use.


Postal price includes 2 postage payments




Once we have receieved your order we will box the items up ready for collection from the studio. 

We will then add a clear glaze and fire it in the kiln then post the items will be ready to collect from the studio following week. (Following COVID safety guidelines)



    Paint Colour 1
    Paint Colour 2
    Paint Colour 3
    Small pot colour


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