Create a Sorting Hat Lantern

Create a Sorting Hat Lantern

Create your own magical sorting hat lantern in clay!

A fun and creative activity to enjoy this autumn, perfect for a night in on a cold and wet day.

Since trick or treating and halloween parties are off the cards this year. Why not enjoy a crafty night in and make your own witches sorting hat 🧙‍♂️

You will have access to step by step video tutorials. 

Kit includes:
1 bag of quality air dry clay 
2 wooden tools
1 loop tool
1 paint brush
1 template 
1 rolling pin 

This air drying clay is a real treat to work with its soft and easy to model.

After testing lots of clay types we found this clay to be the best! It contains a small amount of nylon fibers to give it strength and stability when air drying but it can also withstand stoneware kiln temperatures.

For step by step instruction on how to make your sorting hat watch the video in the link



Bags of clay are weighed at approximately 900g per bag but may vary.


Once your creation has dried you can paint with acrylics and sealer.




Paint pack 1

1 - Brown

2 - Dark Brown

3 - Black

4 - Grey


Paint Pack 2

1 - Black

2 - Orange

3 - Purple

4 - Red


Paint Pack 3

1 - Grey

2 - Dark Green

3 - Bright Yellow

4 - Red


* All paint packs come with a 5ml pot of White and Black